Dar Al-khalaf for studies & agricultural consultations, as the first specialized company in the various fields of agriculture (plant, animal and fish) and food and agricultural processing has been keen for the comprehensiveness of its goals and objectives, so the structure came to reflect the objectives and strategy of the company in the implementation of its developmental goals.

Board of Trustees:

The Council is composed of long experienced people, specialized in the field of agriculture, food,
veterinary health and agricultural economics, and they quite knowledge in doing and developing
feasibility studies for agricultural projects.

Functions of the Board of Trustees:

  • Develop the annual and interim business plan of the company.
  • Study of projects submitted to the company.
  • Approve all studies that are assigned to the company.
  • Discuss the company’s budget.
  • Review and evaluate all completed studies, activities and projects

Meetings of the Board of Trustees:
Meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be at least once every three months or when an invitation from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, which is exceptional, is required. Decisions of the Board of Trustees shall be deemed to be in force with more than half of its members, and the President shall vote on an equal footing.
General management of the company:
The general management of the company consists of a general manager, a technical and administrative team and permanent experts working full-time, in addition to some experts who work for limited periods of different disciplines.
General Director:
General Manager – Chairman of the Board of Trustees – is considered to be responsible for all official institutions that deal with the House of the Successor. He is also responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees and following up the implementation of all tasks, projects and plans assigned by Dar Al Khalaf through periodic meetings with technical and advisory teams as well as preparation of reports to be submitted to the Board’s secretaries.
The technical team:
The technical staff consists of all departments, departments and units specified in the organizational structure of the House of Success. These are responsible for the management of studies, consultations and projects commissioned by Dar Al Khalaf.

Dar Al Khalaf experts:
Full-time permanent experts, or temporary experts whose functions are as follows:

  • Preparation of draft frameworks for studies and research.
  • Preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies.
    Preparation of technical requirements and financial books.
  • Preparation of designs, drawings and technical specifications as well as tender documents.
  • Provide consultation in their field of specialization.
  • Supervise the completion of field and office work.
  • Providing technical and economic consultations for the benefit of companies, institutions, public or private bodies and individuals.
  • Review projects and studies with experts before submitting them to the Board of Trustees. Issuance of Technical Bulletins.
  • Supervision of the implementation and operation of agricultural projects.
  • Preparation of workshops, seminars and scientific meetings and supervising their implementation.
  • Evaluation of the performance of technical, economic and financial support for various agricultural and industrial projects.